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S.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender ID Organisation Chain
1. 05-Oct-2021 04:00 PM 26-Oct-2021 11:00 AM 26-Oct-2021 02:30 PM [Neurobehavioral Testing System Setup for Small Animals] [10/1485/Pharmacology/ DPSRU/2021][2021_DPSRU_209267_1] Delhi Pharmaceutical Science and Research University
2. 31-Aug-2021 05:00 PM 26-Oct-2021 11:00 AM 28-Oct-2021 11:30 AM [Repairing of Mark VIe cards installed for Gas Turbines at PPS-I.] [1000011549/CS II/PPS I/21-22][2021_IPGCL_207682_1] IPGCL-PPCL||CS||CS-II
3. 05-Oct-2021 09:30 AM 26-Oct-2021 12:00 PM 26-Oct-2021 12:30 PM [Open e-tender are invited for routine and special tests in Bio-chemistry, Pathology and Microbiology for the Central Jails of Tihar, Rohini and Mandoli, Delhi.] [No.F.21 (13)/CD No. 003648702/Tender for lab tests][2021_CJT_209041_1] Central Jail Tihar
4. 21-Oct-2021 09:00 AM 26-Oct-2021 12:00 PM 26-Oct-2021 12:30 PM [Construction of Bridge on Supplementary Drain on NH-10, Nangloi, Delhi to cover complete width of 60m with road improvement in 100 meter length SH - Transplantation of trees at Nangloi, NH-10] [23(WO)/AE/F-141/PWD/2021-22/51][2021_PWD_209900_1] Public Works Department||CE/SE/F1-F13||EE/F131||AE/F1311
5. 04-Oct-2021 05:30 PM 26-Oct-2021 02:00 PM 26-Oct-2021 03:00 PM [Supply of Veterinary Medicines] [F12(325)/AHD/Med.Proc/2021-22][2021_ANHD_209194_1] Animal Husbandry Department GNCTD
6. 27-Sep-2021 06:00 PM 26-Oct-2021 02:00 PM 26-Oct-2021 03:00 PM [ Proposal for Career Guidance Project for Secondary and Senior Secondary Level] [F.DE (40)(20)(37)/EVGB/2018/Pt file][2021_DE_208931_1] Department of Education||Sports
7. 12-Oct-2021 04:30 PM 26-Oct-2021 02:00 PM 26-Oct-2021 02:05 PM [NIT NO. 23(2021-23) SW-III] [NIT NO.23(2021-22)SW-III][2021_DJB_209585_1] Delhi Jal Board||Delhi Jal Board||EE-SOUTHWEST-III
8. 05-Oct-2021 04:00 PM 26-Oct-2021 02:00 PM 26-Oct-2021 02:30 PM [Procurement of ARV drug Efavirenz 200mg] [F28(96)/DSACS/][2021_DSACS_209205_1] Delhi State Aids Control Society
9. 18-Oct-2021 06:00 PM 26-Oct-2021 03:00 PM 26-Oct-2021 03:30 PM [Maintenance and Payment of Electrical Consumption charges of street lighting on PWD Roads under North west Electrical Maintenance Sub-Division -III., Mukarba Chowk, Delhi] [68/EE(E)/NWED/PWD/2021-22 ][2021_PWD_209867_1] Public Works Department||CE/SE/M3-M35||EE/M353
10. 18-Oct-2021 06:55 PM 26-Oct-2021 03:00 PM 26-Oct-2021 03:10 PM [NIT NO. 9 (2021-2022) EE(SDW)VI / Item no.2] [NIT NO. 9 (2021-2022) EE(SDW)VI][2021_DJB_209045_2] Delhi Jal Board||Delhi Jal Board||EE(SDW)-VI
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